your assignment is to write a theoretical analysis of the events described in anatomy of injustice 1 A+ Writers |

Choose one criminological theory from EACH of the following categories:

• Category 1 theories (traditional): classical theory, rational choice theory, a biological theory, a psychological theory, social learning theory, self-control theory, or general strain theory

• Category 2 theories (critical): Radical criminology, feminist criminology, critical race criminology, constitutive criminology, or cultural criminology.

2. Identify two (2) key issues/problems from Bonner’s book. For example, the unsolved murder of Mrs. Edwards, the impact of racial bias on the trial, prosecutorial discretion, mental capacity and criminality.

3. Use key theoretical concepts (e.g., definitions of crime, explanations of causation, etc) to discuss (i.e., analyze, critique, define, explain) the issues/problems identified.

1150 words