you are required to select two airlines an fsc and lcc each and collate the following information on these airlines and the two airports at which the airlines hub A+ Writers |


I have 3 questions which will be uploaded in the file below, here are some key points:

approx. 3000 words.

APA reference style

Due date: 19 May 2020

Learning Outcomes

1.Describe the business models for airports and airlines.

2.Critically illustrate the connection between the tourism industry, airline and airports operation.

3.Demonstrate understanding of the airlines business, its main stakeholders and factors leading to its success and failure

  1. Evaluate the impact of airlines, either the regulated or the low cost, on the tourism industry.

Part A (LO 1)

You are required to select two airlines, an FSC and LCC each, and collate the following information on these airlines and the two airports at which the airlines hub:

  1. Highlight the differences between both types of airline business models by identifying examples from the airlines’ operations.
  1. Highlight the similarities and differences between both types of airport business models by providing examples from how the airports are managed.

30 marks

Part B (LO 3)

  1. List the main stakeholders of the airline industry, the role each stakeholder plays in the performance of airlines and the kind of impact the stakeholder may have – whether direct or indirect, or positive or negative, by the operating and financial performance of the industry.
  1. Identify the factors from the marketing mix 4Ps, with examples, which contribute to success or failure of an airline – particularly in this very competitive market. Also, relate those examples to analyze the internal and external environmental factors which impact airline business.

30 marks

Part C (LO 2,4)

  1. Highlight the role of GCC carriers, whether full service or low cost, in their home country and in the region, in terms of economy, transportation, employment and particularly tourism. Use examples to support.
  1. How do airlines and airports in the GCC add value to the tourism industry of the country. Use real examples how this has been achieved by countries and how they have leveraged growth and development of their tourism industry alongside national strategy to adopt to ‘open skies’.

40 marks


All material, examples, internet and relevant books on the industry would be useful references. Trends and ideas drawn can also be based on expert opinion. Must reference all your sources using APA style.

To gain good marks it is quite essential by relating examples used with business strategies adopted by the airlines and airports, including indicators. To that extent, you must also research the airline industry and draw conclusions on performance and best practices of the carriers.

The report should include a comprehensive table of content, professional format and layout, use of proper citations and adding a reference list. Also, you should follow the required sequence of the three Parts and sub-Parts.