Read the following two linked articles and then respond to the items below thoughtfully. Responses should be 2 – 3 pages (assuming regular font size and spacing) and show evidence of having read the articles and critical thinking.

Article 1: Eyewitness Memory is More Reliable than You Think (Links to an external site.)

Article 2: How Reliable is Eyewitness Testimony? (Links to an external site.

For your paper, answer the following:

  1. Based on what you read in the articles and the textbook, do you think that eyewitness testimony is reliable? Make sure to explain your position.
  2. Connect what you read to the text. Identify two concepts from the text that would help explain differences in eyewitness accuracy and explain in what way these concepts would affect memory.
  3. Based on what you have read and your own thoughts, do you think that providing juries with explicit instructions about the potential for eyewitness errors is warranted. Make sure to explain why or why not.