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NO PLAGIARISM — Follow guidelines please

DUE May 7, 2020 by 9 p.m.

More sources will be provided when accepted.

Write a complete draft of your ethical will that addresses the following questions using course readings as assigned below:

What have you learned in Applied Jewish Ethics that you will take away with you and that you would want to convey to others? Discuss how this learning fits into your life and has changed your perspective.

Elements of the ethical will that are required:

Double-space; 1″ margins; 12-point font.

Write at least 3 pages, but not more than 5 pages.

Use complete sentences and correct grammar and punctuation.

Choose and define ONE Jewish ethical concept from this list: geneivat da’at; “evil tongue”/lashon hara; placing a stumbling block before the blind/lifnei iver; human dignity; unnecessary waste/bal taschit; saving a life/pikuach nefesh; rebuke/tokh’kha. Cite sources.

Use this ethical concept to discuss two ethical issues from the course: social media; shaming; language; character development; climate change; violence; work; whistleblowing.

Thoroughly discuss and cite at least four readings from each topic you chose (8 readings minimum, in total). Explain the significance of each reading for the topic.

Include a works cited page that documents all the facts of publication for each source you cite parenthetically in your paper.

Elements of the ethical will that are up to you:

Whom you want to address it to

Which topics you address

Which readings you discuss and cite

How much personal information and context you want to share