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For this unit, I’d like you to write a 2 page paper (minimum word count: 500) on one of the following prompts:


For those of you who are either immigrants or children of 1st generation immigrants:

If you’re an immigrant or the children of immigrants, are there things about your ancestral culture that you’re ashamed of? Why?

How important is it for you and your family to maintain ancestral cultural ties? How important is it to “be American”?

What does your family consider to be “American”? Is it seen as going against your family’s cultural beliefs?

Do you feel that you can belong to both/multiple cultures at the same time without compromising who you are?


For those of you who are NOT immigrants or children of 1st generation immigrants:

Are you able to trace back the history of how your family came to the United States? Do you know what countries they originated from?

Do you or your family have a strong connection to the cultures that your family came from? Or do you identify as American?

What does the term American mean to you? Do you think that term changes if you come from a mainstream background or from a minority background?