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TOPIC: The right to a fair trial and due process

Attached is an outline of the points that needs to be hit. The thesis may be changed and made stronger with a US Supreme Court listed to support it.

Thesis must be clear! What U.S. Supreme Court will you use to support your thesis?

Your paper will be 10 full pages, including footnotes.

2. Introduction (5%): Your introduction will not be longer than two pages.

3. Thesis Statement: (5%): Immediately after your introduction, you must present a clear thesis statement.

4. Road Map (5%): Immediately after your thesis statement, you must provide a clear road map to let the reader know where you are going with your paper.

5. Background (5%): Next, provide a brief but clear background of your topic. This may only be one page or less.

6. Argument/Defending Your Thesis Statement (50%): Now you are at the meat of the paper (chapter), defending your thesis statement. This must be at least five full pages, and you must use your research to defend your thesis statement.

7. Conclusion (5%): Conclude your research paper (chapter) in one page or less.

Finally, a few other points:

1. Grade: The grading rubric for each section of your paper is highlighted above (in yellow). As you can see, 50% of your paper is the argument section, which is why I say it is your main focus.

2. References/Proper Use of the Bluebook (10%): You must use a minimum of 15 scholarly references that will be footnoted (per the Bluebook) on the page where you use the reference. You may use a reference more than once, but it still only counts as 1 of the 15. Scholarly references are not Wikipedia, blogs, or unsubstantiated websites. Please use primary resources (e.g., the Constitution, statutes, case law) and high quality secondary resources (e.g., legislative history, peer-reviewed academic reference material like law review articles).

3. Proper Grammar, Spelling and Sentence Structure (15%): Write like the well-educated scholar that you are.

4. Formatting: Double space your paper and use a 12 point Times New Roman font.