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Identity Web Directions

Draw a small circle in the center of the page and write “Me” in the center. Draw at least 10 boxes or circles around this circle and label them: gender, age, nationality, state or region of the country, country,

socioeconomic status (e.g., low, high, or middle), sexual orientation, religion/beliefs, disability status, race/ethnicity, highest level of education, and any other characteristics that you could use to describe


Cultural Self-Awareness Journey Directions

Your Cultural Heritage:

1. What culture(s) do you identify as your own or your family’s?

2. How and when did your ancestors (or you) come to the United States (if you know)?

3. Are there foods, holidays, ceremonies, rituals that are generally associated with your culture(s)?

4. Is there a language other than English associated with your culture(s)?

5. Do you know any tales or stories that are associated with your culture(s) that may have been handed down in your family?

Your Cultural Values, Beliefs, and Biases:

1. What positive stereotypes have been associated with your culture(s) by others?

What negative stereotypes have been associated with your culture(s) by others?

Is there anything that you and/or your family do that may be different than other families with which you grew up?

Have you noticed anyone do something that seemed odd to you that may have been due to his/her culture being different from yours? If so, briefly describe the event.

Have you ever visited a foreign country, another region of this country, or someone from another culture and later felt that something you did at the time may have been culturally inappropriate for that setting or group?

If you could be from another culture, which one would you choose?

Is there a culture that makes you uncomfortable? If so, what aspects of that culture make you uncomfortable? Why?

How would your life be different if you had been born into a different culture?