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1. Explain why encryption is an important need for everyday life on the Internet.

2. Crack a message encrypted with a Caesar cipher using a Caesar Cipher Widget. Describe the outcome.

3. Crack a message encrypted with random subsitution using Frequency Analysis. Describe the outcome.

4. Explain the weaknesses and security flaws of substitution ciphers.

5. Explain the relationship between cryptographic keys and passwords.

6. Explain in broad terms what makes a key difficult to “crack”.

7. Reason about strong vs weak passords using a tool that shows password strength. Describe the outcome.

8. Understand that exponential growth is related to an encryption algorithm’s strength. Why is this a true statement?

9. Explain how and why the Vigenere cipher is a stronger form of encryption than plain subsitution.

10. Explain properties that make for a good key when using the Vigenere Cipher.


URLs specify the location for resources on the Internet. Examine the following URL and answer the following questions:

In the following URL:


1. What is the domain in this URL?
2. What is the path in this URL?

When this URL is typed into your browser, your browser your browser generates a request based on the URL.

3. Where does this request get sent? What kind of machine is listening to this request?
4. What exactly is the request asking for? What does your browser expect to receive as a response?