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For this week’s assignment, please watch the 2013 documentary, The New Latinos (I recommend that you watch the documentary during scheduled class time). This documentary highlights the swelling immigration from Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic that stretches from the post-World War II years into the early 1960s as the new arrivals seek economic opportunities.

Here is the link to the film:

You will submit a 1-2 page response to the film. In your response you must answer the following questions:

1. What did you learn this week about the hispanic and latino communities in the United States? (Please refer to the articles by Mohl and McGarrity). How does the film add to the conversation on the immigration experiences of these communities during the latter half of the 20th century?

2. . The film spends some time discussing the Cuban community in Florida. McGarrity focuses on the Cuban Community in Jamaica. Describe the similarities and differences between these communities.

3. How does the film contextualize the notion of return for Cuban immigrants in Florida?

4. The readings for today as well as the film attend to racial and economic factors that play a role in the development of Hispanic and Latino/a diaspora. Consider the immigration debate today. In your opinion, how are these factors addressed in immigration debates today? What remains the same? What is new?