using assembly language and visual studio 2017 2019 to finish the assignment A+ Writers |

COMMENTS (worth 5% of your programming assignment grade): Your program should have at least ten (10) different detailed comments explaining the different parts of your program. Each individual comment should be, at a minimum, a short sentence explaining a particular part of your code. You should make each comment as detailed as necessary to fully explain your code. You should also number each of your comments (i.e., comment 1, comment 2, etc.). NOTE: My comments do NOT count towards the ten comments!

SAMPLE RUNS (worth 5% of your programming assignment grade): You should submit screenshots of at least five (5) different sample runs of your program. Each sample run needs to use different input values for the array in main, and your sample runs should NOT be the same as the sample runs that are used in this writeup for the assignment.

You should also number each of your sample runs (i.e., sample run 1, sample run 2, etc.). All of your sample runs should follow this format – for each individual sample run, screenshot (1) the input values used in the array in main and (2) the corresponding output on the console screen which shows what the longest increasing sequence is. For example: