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One of the driving forces behind globalization is scientism: a philosophical movement that asserts (1) that everything can be explained in universalistic terms, (2) that the explanations can be tested empirically, and (3) that the explanations can be accessed by human reason. The objective of this week’s assignment is to understand scientism as a driving force behind globalization.

(1) Select one of the following “1000 Most Asked ‘WHY’ Questions on Google” (or pose a why question of your own): https://www.mondovo.com/keywords/1000-most-asked-why-questions-google (Links to an external site.).

(2) Find and share two answers to the question, one based more in science and one based more in folklore (the traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of a community, passed down through word of mouth).

(3) Compare the two answers in terms of globalization. Which one has more global potential? Which one is more portable (i.e., more convincing to more people in more parts of the world). Why?