to curate an imaginary art exhibition A+ Writers |

I have already started this assignment but I did not create such a exhibition. I choose some musuems and some of the artwork. Just complete it by steps below.

CHOOSE a Theme.

Where is this exhibition on display? Why this venue? What is this exhibition? Who is in this exhibition? Why are these artist’s work shown together? Why is this exhibition important?

  • Create an idea for the exhibition by considering the work you like and how the individual pieces might relate to one another and form a cohesive group.
  • Once you have picked some works, write down your thoughts on the work of artist before consulting the internet. I am not interested in you having the textbook answers in this project, I am interested in your original thoughts on the work, put down in a way that shows you can use the terminology and concepts you have learned during the course effectively
  • IMPORTANT: The modes of analysis are: Formal, Stylistic, Iconographic, Contextual, Feminist, Gender Studies, Critical Race, Psychological. Understand them before you use them
  • IMPORTANT: You will need at least one image of each work of art for the exhibition. You will need to attribute the images appropriately. I understand that you are taking these from museum websites, so please make sure to point me back to the sources.
  • Make sure to cite your references so that we are clear what ideas are yours and which from other sources.
  • Remember to tie each piece to the theme/concept of the show that you developed in Part 1.
  • include at least one image of each object and don’t forget attributions for images and citations/references.