Thought Paper – Unit 8

For each unit, students must submit a paper that summarizes and analyses the assigned readings. An exemplary paper will prove to the professor that the student has read all materials in their entirety and spent time comparing, contrasting, and thinking about these materials. These papers will be submitted on Moodle, in the assignment submission link within each unit. Format: 1.5 spacing, no space between paragraphs, page numbers, 11-point Calibri font, proper citations, no page minimums.

2 page summary analysis on the following readings from the following text :

Unit 8. Public administration: where are we today?

Kettl, Chapters 13-14

From Shafritz & Hyde: All of Part V

Rosenbloom, D. (2008). The politics-administration dichotomy in US Historical Contexts. Public Administration Review.

Kettl, D.F., & Kelman, S. (2007). Reflections on 21st century government management. Washington, DC: The IBM Center for the Business of Government.

Case Study HKS case 101.0 & 102.0 (Jerome Miller and Department of Youth Services (A) and (B))

I have attached a sample that was provided by professor below :