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The discussion post for this week has two parts as follows:

1. Oliver Wendell Holmes on The Common Law

In his classic book “The Common Law” (published in 1881), the great legal thinker Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. (pictured below, bottom left) famously wrote: “The life of the law has not been logic: it has been experience.” What do you think Holmes meant by this? (250 words)

2. Vampire Contracts?

For purposes of this assignment, assume vampires (like the ones pictured below, bottom right) are real! (uploaded)

Professor Guerra-Pujol has taken the position that agreements between humans and vampires for the purchase and sale of blood should be 100% legal. Do you agree? Why or why not? (250 words)

(If you think the Professor has gone mad, check out this blog post or the first few pages of this short essay “Buy or Bite?”)