this assignment consists of 10 sentences of skill experience for a resume A+ Writers |

1. Last week you researched a career on the Degree Map tool. This week you will find a career, related to the one you researched last week, on the HandShake website.

2. For this assignment, you will create a ‘rough draft’ of the experience / skills section you would create for this resume for your chosen career on HandShake. You will list ten experiences / skills that you already have or speculate you will have by the time you graduate. You will list the skill, for example ‘Interpersonal Communication Skills’, and the expeirience you developed that skill from.

3. Take a screenshot of a specific job opening on the HandShake website and attach it to your Word document when submitting this assignment. Five points will be taken off for: Every skill short of ten that you do not submit, if you do not list both the skill and the expeirence, or if you do not attach the job posting from HandShake.