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25. What institution credits John Fee as its founder?

26. What state did the McCoys call home?

27. How many people actually contributed in the Hatfield/McCoy feud?

28. How is your great-grandfather’s mother kin to you?

29. What was the move to industrial areas by Appalachians after World War II called?

30. Name one of the activities often practiced by Appalachian churchgoers that might be considered strange to the general churchgoing population.

31. When the possibility of more educational opportunities were offered to Appalachian children, did their parents approve?

32. How many states in America are considered to be Appalachian?

33. Who was the last person to die from crimes directly attributed to the Hatfield/McCoy feud?

34. What was the main reason that Appalachian schools were so poor? (This is still true today.)

35. Who are the first family of country music?

36. Of the different forms of music attributed to Appalachia, which is the oldest?

37. What is shuttle migration?

38. What element of human behavior is most important for the advancement of its civilization?

39. Who “got religion” and called a halt to the Hatfield/McCoy feud?

40. Why is it impossible to have a Great-aunt Sally?

41. What group contributed to the Appalachians’ learning about row planting and planting certain crops in hills?

42. What American state has all of its territory in the area titled Appalachia?

43. How did Randall McCoy die?

44. Name a reason for the start of the Hatfield/McCoy feud?

45. Why is being named an Appalachian state an asset for that state?

46. What river divided Kentucky from West Virginia in the area where the Hatfield/McCoy feud was staged?

47. Who was Jimmie Rodgers?