Give and explain one specific example of how the corporate accountants for the company you are studying might be able to legally change their earnings to portray a more favorable earnings statement?

Examine the notes to the financials of the latest 10-K for the company you are studying. Find an indication of an accounting change that they have implemented, figure out why it was done, and what its impact was on their financials. They usually tell you.

Tell us who their auditors are. Where did you find it?

Visit the IRS’s website and retrieve information regarding depreciation of property as described in publication number 946. Using this information to provide examples of property depreciation germane to the firm you are studying

Go into the latest 10-K, especially the notes to their financials. Do a search and find all the places where Property Plant and Equipment (PP&E) are mentioned, then find their depreciation schedules. Summarize for us. What are the big ticket items they are depreciating? Be sure and cite and reference carefully