symbolic convergence theory 1 A+ Writers |

In your presentation you’ll need to select one theory/chapter from this week to present (from either chapter 17, 18, 19, 20, 21). Then include:

Title Slide: share what theory/chapter you’re presenting and then include ALL your names in the slide (either on slide or in Speaker Notes at the bottom).

Theory Slide: share in your own words what this theory is about (is objective or interpretative, main points, etc).

Relate Slide: Share a personal way to relate to this theory (by personal story, how it relates to ‘real’ life, how it can be used in future careers, etc)

Media Examples: Choose a film, commercial, any media and share examples of that media or theme presented in media and how it can relate to this theory

Compare Slide: Compare this theory to others in our textbook. Can it be compared to another theory? Or can it relate to another theory? Give details on how it can or cannot compare

Critique: Dig deep, how does this theory hold up to what a ‘good’ theory is as laid out in chapter 3?

Be sure slides are brief (short sentences) with visuals to engage them. Put what you’d ‘say’ in the presentation (or fully written thoughts about theory) in the Speaker Notes section at the bottom of each slide. That will give you ample room to write out thoughts for each slide.

Lastly once you’ve all deemed the presentation is done please click ‘share’ and share this link with me by copying the link and pasting in the comments area of the assignment submission area. Only one group member needs to ‘share’ the link and this can be the Group Leader or whomever you all choose.