super foods and my fruit and vegetables intake recommendations A+ Writers |

  • 1.Craft Your Own Definition for a Super Food?

Conduct research in your text and online.After reading at least three scientifically credible sources, define “super food” in your own words. Be sure to include foods that meet your definition. That could be a table or list. The definition should run 6-7 sentences in length.

2.Set of Guidelines for Fruit and Vegetable Intake.

Begin by reading, “Fruit and Vegetable Intake Recommendations from Three Nations: Canada, United Kingdom, and United States.”(The reading document is inside this same assignment folder.) Find two additional, credible sources that discuss intake recommendations (consider MyPlate, Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and others). After reading and considering these three sources, write an essay (150-250 words) that compares and contrasts these recommendations, and then create your own recommendation for fruit and vegetable intake.Cite facts from the readings to help bolster your recommendations.