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Find a recent (Dec 2019 to April 2020) news story (for example, a story in a city newspaper, such as The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Montreal Gazette, New York Times, or a story on the internet published by CBC news, BBC News, etc.) on the topic of infectious diseases: pick a recent emerging disease, such as SARS, Ebola, Zika, or COVID-19. The news story that you pick must have a reference to a scientific research article that was published in a scientific journal.

After reading the science research article, briefly, succinctly, and in your own words (do NOT use quotations) summarize the research article: your summary should include a brief introduction about the research, the purpose of the research, a brief description of the experimental approach/methods, and main findings of the study (maximum length: 2 pages single-sided, double-spaced). Remember to use in-text citations, APA format.

Assignment must be in APA7 format. If you are not sure about APA7 format, google Purdue Owl and click on APA Formatting and Style Guide.

Two attachments are required:

1.News article: attach the first page of your news article, which must have the title of the news article, the source(eg. BBC News), the author and the date of publication.

2.Science research article: attach the first page of the science research article, which must include the name of

the journal, the title of the article, the authors, the date of publication, and the abstract.