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International Marketing

The primary purpose of this assignment is to see that you can identify important information and express it clearly, precisely and briefly. Use precise and focused language. Good business writing gets to the point quickly with precision and clarity. Be as thorough as possible but write no more than one pageper article.

There are two parts to this assignment and you should do them for each article on one page (single spaced).

Read each article and describe all relevant information. Describe it in significant detail.

At the end of each article write a concluding paragraph telling the main thing you take away from the article and how it applies to marketing in the sense of globalization.


“Ikea Builds Changes Into its Sales Model,” Wall Street Journal

“How Belgium’s ‘Peasant’ Beer Became ‘Premium’ In the U.S.,”Wall Street Journal, April 12 , 2002.In this article, you should EXPLICITLY IDENTIFY the Four Ps.