starbucks case study 9 A+ Writers |

How to analyze a case:

  1. Situation Analysis “Synopsis” – briefly summarize the case in your own words – No more than 2 pages (worth 10 points)
  2. Environmental Analysis
    SWOT Analysis
    – in bullet format (worth 25 points)
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats
  1. Problem Statement “WHY?” Keep it brief…no more than 20 words.Challenge yourself to be concise but brief. This should be written as a statement not a question. (worth 10 points)
  2. Development of Alternatives – at least 3.Your alternatives are derived from your opportunities outlined in your SWOT. (worth 25 points). Number each alternative and explain.
  3. Evaluation of Alternatives & Recommendations – Evaluate each alternative using the pros and cons of each choice.Use outside sources to back up your hypothesis.Select the best choice based on the company’s strengths and opportunities.(Worth 20 points)
  4. Recommendation:End this section with an overall recommendation/conclusion – no more than 1 paragraph. (worth 10 points)

Other pointers for working on your cases….

  • All cases are typed, contain a cover sheet, sections are labeled and are double spaced and printed in a 12-point font.Don’t forget bullet points can help the reader (professor) to follow your points.Bullets should be utilized in the SWOT analysis.Do NOT use paragraphs for this section.
  • Suggested Reading – Read the case at least 3 times.Yes, 3 times.If you only read it once, you will only be able to detect surface problems.
  • Each group member receives the same grade.

Attached is the case study.