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I need you to write a an extemporaneous speech (3-5 minutes) related to the Essay

Speech 2 Rubric

Purpose and Audience:

A:The topic is wellsuited to the purpose, time constraints, and audience. It engages audience completely.

B:The topic is appropriate for the audience, time constraints and purpose. It engages audience.

C:The topic is appropriate for purpose, time constraints or audience. However, it is not appropriate for all of these factors.

Speech does not fully engage audience.

D: There is a considerable lack of clarity.

F:The topic is not appropriate for purpose,time constraints, or audience. Speech lacks interest for audience.The topic is not appropriate for purpose, time constraints, or audience. It demonstrates no awareness of audience. Speech discourages audience interest.

Development and Support:

A:The speech incorporates evidence with excellent focus and reasoned explanation.

B:The speech incorporates evidence with fairly adequate focus and explanation.

C:The speech incorporates some evidence, but with inconsistent focus and/or explanation.

D:The speech attempts to incorporate some evidence, but has little focus or fails to explain.

F:The speech does not incorporate evidence, or the evidence provided does not support the author’s ideas.

Organization and Coherence:

A: Organizational pattern is exceptionally clear, and wellsuited for purpose.Each key point is clearly developed, thorough and balanced.

B: Organizational pattern is clear, and suited to the audience and purpose. Keypoints are generally clear, developed and balanced.

C: Organizational pattern lacks clarity. Keypoints are unclear, unbalanced or undeveloped at times.

D:An ineffective organizational pattern prevents key points from being distinct, balanced or developed.

F: There is no discernible organizational pattern. Keypoints are unclear.