1.First,  identify  the  key  agents  of  socialization,  and  then,  briefly  discuss  each  B)  What 

do  we  mean  by  the  statement’  â€œSociety  makes  us?”  Do  you  agree  or  disagree  with  the 

statement?  Make your arguments for and against.  Give adequate examples. (5 pts.)

2.   Identify and discuss the three major sociological theories (perspectives) sociologists use 

in  the  study  of  issues  and  in  connecting  facts.  You  will  be  expected  to  point  out  the 

focus/emphasis of each perspective as well as the essential differences between them? 

Of  the  three  major  theoretical  perspectives,  which  one  would  you  prefer  to  use  if  you 

were a sociologist doing an investigation involving marriage and divorce, or suicide, and 

what would each perspective offer that the others would not? (5 points