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This is a two-part requirement. Part 1: Describe or define Systems Thinking. Part 2: As an organization operates as an open system, discuss HOW systems thinking [a function of Systems Theory] assists a manager in partnership with an HR Business Partner with adapting the manager’s department so the department is aligned with the business’s strategy.

In Systems Theory, a business demonstrates the properties of an open system (Senge, 1990; Luhmann, 1995). As an open system, a business forms an interdependency relationship with its external environment (von Bertalanffy, 1974). From the external environment, a business depends on such resources as suppliers, customers, technologies, and available labor to operate and survive (Hitt et al., 2018).

Because of this dependency relationship between a business and its market environment, a business must adapt to changing market conditions. In response to changing market conditions, a business forms a strategy. The business strategy sets the direction of the business and identifies strategic goals. Business strategy also identifies how a business will adapt. The adaption process begins with changing the internal structure of a business. The structure includes specialized jobs integrated into designed work processes to achieve a specific planned outcome. These specialized jobs integrated into designed work processes form a network of unskilled, skilled, technicians, managers, and executive employees.

The network of employees represents another concept of an open system; they form interdependent and interconnected relationships (Armstrong, 2016). The business structure is designed to accomplish a business’ purpose. The employees within the structure of networked jobs achieve the business’s purpose through their level of performance (Noe et al., 2019). This Weekly Topic Response examines a business as an open system and the application of systems thinking.