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Option #1: Service Based Project

For this assignment, you will prepare a series of project artifacts for a service-based project of your choosing.

Your final submission will include:

  • Executive Summary—contains Project Description and Justification,
  • Communications Plan,
  • Stakeholder Analysis,
  • Work Breakdown Structure,
  • Gantt Chart,
  • Risk Management Plan, and
  • Earned Value Management Plan.

These professional artifacts should be written as if you were the project manager working on the project. Your work should not explain project management concepts or principals.


  • Module 1: Submit topic idea for approval.
  • Module 2: Submit communications plan.
  • Module 3: Stakeholder Analysis.
  • Module 4: Work Breakdown Structure.
  • Module 5: Gantt Chart.
  • Module 6: Risk Management Plan.


  • APA Style.
  • Each item should be no longer than 4 pages, not including title page, references, or appendices.
  • You should justify your assertions by using at least three references per artifact. At least one out of the three references should rely on material from PMI’s website (, the other two should be from a peer-reviewed, scholarly resource.