My brand is Whole Foods Market. And I need to write a screener research and a discussion guide these two documents for my brand.

In the end, you should have two comprehensive documents (a Focus Group Screener and a Focus Group Discussion Guide) that illustrate to me that you have:

  1. Learned the basics of organizing and writing Screeners and Discussion Guides, and,
  2. Engaged in significant thought about your class project topic’s current understanding and research gaps – and oriented your Discussion Guide questions to address those gaps, in a probing, exploring fashion designed to elicit new ideas and potential insights.

There is no single correct way to write this and you may find that your screener can be very brief (if you have a very broad target) or that it needs to be very detailed (if you have a specific target). The scope of your guide will also be dependent on the specifics of your assignment, but keep in mind that your focus group session will be approximately 30 minutes.

In order to facilitate you to complete this assignment, I have attached some screener research and discussion guide examples. Also, the content to be included in the discussion guide is in the file. Please read all the files and examples before you complete these two tasks.