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Your personal brand is more than just the brand statement you use as your elevator pitch when you introduce yourself in real-life encounters or to market yourself. Your brand is your reputation-the perception of you held by the external world. It is the combination of personal attributes, values, drivers, strengths and passions you draw from that differentiate your unique promise of value from your peers, and helps those assessing you to determine if they should hire or do business with you.

It is important to identify those qualities and characteristics within you and communicate a crystal clear, consistent message across multiple channels-on line and off line-designed to resonate with your target audience. (Meg Guiseppi, The 10-Step Personal Branding Worksheet)

Areas to consider in developing your personal brand statement:

  • What is your vision?
  • What is your purpose?
  • What are your values and passions?
  • What are your goals?
  • What are your brand attributes?
  • What are your core strengths?
  • How do other people describe you?
  • What areas are you working to improve?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What differentiates you from others?
  • What does your on line profile say about you (ex. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Handshake, Snapchat, etc.)?

What is your ideal vision of what the world can be?

How will you concretize your vision to create a sense of direction? What impact do you hope to have?

You must know yourself and what you want before you can move forward. Your belief system and operating principles determine whether an opportunity will be a good fit.

What do you want to accomplish so that you can create a strategic action to get there?

What 3 adjectives best describe the value that you offer?

Consider assessments that you have taken. In what functions and responsibilities do you excel?

Determine where you want to fit (industry and niche area of expertise) What are decision makers in your field of interest looking for?

Determine why decision makers should choose whatever you offer over others with similar value. What makes you the best choice? What makes you a good investment? What value will you bring that no one else will?