research the impact of tourism on china us relations i think tourism is a kind of non traditional diplomacy and tourism has driven the economic development of both sides furthermore research the impact of covid 19 on economy and sino us relations A+ Writers |

The minimum requirement for the project is to show a consequential relationship between at least two variables, or specific types/categories of data, the possibilities for which are indefinite (for example, this could include number of hospital beds to air pollution to foreign direct investments within China and/or between China and other countries, at the city-, provincial-/state- or national-levels). Data used can be over time or during a single year. There are many options for which data sources you use. We have discussed in class sources of data for climate change governance (, and other students have brought up trade indices and so forth pertinent to the course material. You can use any of these alone, in combination with the EPS China database, or just the EPS China database. There are no limits for where you source quantitative data. These are just suggestions. The EPS China Data (Links to an external site.)database is a great place to start because it’s one of the most advanced databases on Chinese statistics of its kind. I provide here instructions on how to use it, please read. FYI: Many students are living off-campus which requires a VPN to access.

Of note, a statistical analysis is not required for this project. What is required, however, is a thoughtful look at data you think is interesting, an explanation of what you think it tells us about the current domestic and/or international situation of China, and that of its future. Connect it to some topic discussed in class. What does the data say about economic interdependence with other countries? What other countries is China investing in, where does most of China’s foreign investment come from, and what does this mean for its relationship with those countries? How much is China polluting, how much coal is being used, and what does this say for climate governance? Text analysis of no less than 1,000 words is required, and visualizations are also required. There’s no particular limit to the number of visualizations you can include. There are also no specific topics you are required to tackle, but you can receive full credit if you meet the above guidelines