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Proposed Research Question, Purpose Statement, and Design Statement

In this assignment you will present your research question along with a purpose statement. You will also present your preliminary thoughts on a research design. In other words, how do you intend to answer your research question. The specific research question should be of depth and breadth required for a major project. There is a template attached with the proper headings and settings. You are required to use this template to submit your assignment. This temple is attached as “Assignment1Template.”

Required Elements of the Assignment

  • Approximately three (3) pages in length, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt. The length requirement does not include title/cover page or reference list.
  • Introduction – Provide pertinent information related to your topic focusing on why your topic is important. The introduction contains three secondary headings which are Purpose Statement, Research Question, and Design Statement.
    • Purpose Statement – Present your purpose statement in this section.
    • Research Question – Present your research question in this section.
    • Design Statement – Explain how you intend to answer your research question. This section represents your preliminary thoughts on a methodology. For example, you may intend to conduct a case study in order to answer your research question. It is expected that your research design will evolve as a result of conducting the literature review. (Will research every era and identify how terrorism has influenced the growth and development of the United States)
  • Title Page
  • Reference list in APA format containing 10 scholarly sources of which six must be peer reviewed journal articles