I have chosen the topic of immigration with a special focus on the discrimination of illegal immigrant students in the placement of school fees. In my topic, I will argue out that students considered to be illegal immigrants should be allowed to pay in-state tuition fees. Currently, the students are required to make out of state college fees that are exorbitant and prohibitive. The motivation to explore this topic is informed by my interactions with peers and friends that are considered to be illegal citizens and thereby charged high college fees. In particular, these students have lived all their life in the US but are still faced with discrimination in the administration of college fees. Through this topic, I hope to answer the question of why US colleges administer discriminative school fees rates depending on one’s citizenship. Ultimately, the paper will find answers on the legal and fiscal reasons for the administration of out of state fees in colleges.

I. Introduction

Main claim: I will argue that

II. Background



III. Support

A. First of all,

B. Next,

C. Finally,

IV. Anticipated Objection: Counterargument and Refutation

A. Critics of my position would argue that

B. However, they are wrong because

V. Conclusion

Here’s a MODEL for you to follow and you MAY USE the items and expressions I have put in bold.

Manuel Neri

Professor Munoz

English 101

20 November 2016

Research Paper Outline

I. Introduction
A. Opening general statement regarding illegal immigrants
B. Main Claim: I will argue that undocumented students who graduate from California high schools should be exempt from paying the out of state tuition fees and instead be allowed to pay the lower residential fees.

II. Historical or Intellectual Background
A. History of illegal immigration from Mexico
B. The California Dream Act legislation

III. Support for claim
A. First of all, any legislation or law that violates human dignity is immoral.
B. Secondly, California’s economy and work force needs the creative and intellectual resources of this student population.
C. Finally, undocumented immigrants have subsidized the education of their children by contributing millions of dollars in federal and state income taxes as well as sales taxes.

IV. Counterargument and Refutation
A. Critics of my view would argue that it is unfair to have undocumented immigrants who are not American citizens pay a lower tuition rate than American citizens who come here from other states but have to pay a higher tuition rate.
B. However, such arguments are rooted in the erroneous assumption that undocumented immigrants have contributed nothing to American society.

V. Conclusion
A. So, then, undocumented students have human rights which should inform the tuition policies of colleges and universities.
B. Closing statement regarding California’s economic future