Subject: – Healthcare industry IT Governance Policies and Procedures

Required Research Paper Assignment Deliverables:

– Research Paper must be in APA Style

– Table of contents, clickable, auto-generated with Max of 3 levels deep-section headings

– Research Paper must have at least five works cited of which three must be peer-reviewed


– Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and format should be correct and professional.

– Written assignment should be submitted in Word Doc format.

– Deliverable Length – At least 10 – 15 double-spaced pages (with title and references included)


A U.S. Telecommunication Company has several problems in accessing sales data effectively and in a timely fashion because of its very basic paper-based process, causing it to lose out to its competition. An information technology (IT) infrastructure evaluation must be conducted and analyzed to evaluate the company’s nature of business and the need for IT architecture, specifically for Telecommunication Company. Without fact-finding and statistics, the IT infrastructure will not help.

Throughout this course, you learned about several aspects of IT governance that will result in a complete IT Governance Policies and Procedures Manual for a company of your choice. IT governance formalizes the policies and processes that enforce IT systems and information security, data management, data policies, business process management, and risk management. You are to research to support the development of your document, and assumptions may be made when necessary.

Assignment Description:

You will be developing a comprehensive IT Governance Policies and Procedures Manual. The overall IT Governance Policies and Procedures Manual will consist of the following deliverables: Project Outline, Governance Framework, Business, and IT Goals and Mission Statement, IT Support Policies, Training Plan and Continuous Improvement Plan.

Part 1 – Assignment Requirements

1. Project Outline

– Brief description of the organization (Healthcare Industry) where the plan will be deployed

– Include a list of products or services provided by the company, company size, location(s), and other pertinent information.

– Summary of the IT systems and major computer and data uses of the company that would be affected by an IT Governance Policies and Procedures Manual

2. Governance Framework

– Research and select an IT governance framework to use as guidance in the development of your IT Governance Policies and Procedures Manual development.

Final Term Paper – IT Governance Policies and Procedures Manual

– Summarize the key points of the selected governance framework.

– Describe why the selected framework fits the needs of the Healthcare Industry organization.

3. Business and IT Goals and Mission Statement

Business and IT Goals

– Create business and IT goals and a mission statement for Healthcare Industry organization.

– List and describe at least three major business goals for Healthcare Industry organization.

– List and describe the IT goals for Healthcare Industry organization that will support the business goals.

– List and describe any additional IT goals required to support the IT operations of the organization, including support of the IT mission statement.

– Discuss any conflicts between the business and IT goals of the organization and address any changes that must be made to resolve the conflicts.

– IT Mission Statement

– Identify the key goals from the Business and IT Goals analysis that will form the basis of the IT mission statement.

– Prepare the mission statement using clear, concise language that addresses each of the key goals you identified in the first step.

4. IT Support Policies

– Create the IT Support Policies section of your manual for your Healthcare Industry organization. The support policies should address incident management, support prioritization, and escalation.

– IT Support Policies

– List and describe the major policies that are necessary to govern the IT support for your organization

– Policies should include, at a minimum, incident management, support prioritization, and escalation.

– Additional policies should be included as deemed necessary to create a robust IT support policy.

5. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Policies

– Identify the primary disaster risks that could damage or destroy IT assets, including computer systems, software, and data.

– Develop a set of policies that will ensure the safety of the IT assets in the event of the identified disaster risks occurring.

– Establish procedures that will allow the business to continue operation in the event of any of the identified disaster risks.

– Perform a risk analysis to justify the cost of protection and disaster recovery measures versus potential financial damage to the business.

6. Training Plan

– Identify the major categories of IT training that are necessary for the organization.

– Describe the goals for each of the training categories.

– Include a summary of how each of the major training categories will be implemented.

• Continuous Improvement Plan

– Describe the purpose of the Continuous Improvement Plan.

– Describe the primary steps required to implement the improvement plan.

Final Term Paper – IT Governance Policies and Procedures

Manual o Discuss the required involvement of management in the improvement plan.

– Summarize the metrics that will be used to measure improvement and how the metrics will

be collected.