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Medical Ethics Research paper of twelve to fifteen pages in length (exclusive of cover page and sources), by choosing a research strategy, formulating a topic appropriate to genre and discipline, developing a position in a systematic way through critically evaluating and selecting data / evidence that is organized into an argument that is clear, ordered, and scholarly in style and format; APA format required for all elements (cover page, abstract, essay with in-text citations, page of references).

A summary comment that applies to your topic selection, annotated bibliography, outline, presentation, and final research paper: all of these submissions must address and discuss an issues of medical ETHICS. and analyze your topic with one or more of the ETHICAL THEORIES or major MORAL PRINCIPLES in mind.

To be candid, it is unlikely to qualify as a research paper in this course and topic if you do not consider these issues and raise them explicitly in your paper. Additionally, consideration of thse issues means that the text is one of your sources and should be listed as a reference in your annotated bibliography, presentation outline and presentation, as well as your final paper.

my topic is the ethics in corona virus epidemic and doctors choosing who gets to live.

I want:

topic selection paper with at least 5 sources

paper outline


and 12 page research