Evil Corp. Unlimited (ECU) has been experiencing unprecedented growth over the last year in its enterprise network and has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to your company, as well as other prospective Cisco Value Added Resellers (VARs). ECU is asking for detailed guidance on how best to incorporate a series of Cisco Layer 2 and Layer 3 technologies into their new Headquarters (HQ) network architecture. ECU has provided the following network diagram below to show how their network is currently configured:

In addition to addressing their current challenges, your proposal should outline any steps that you would recommend ECU take to improve their overall network architecture. Your RFP should address, at a minimum, how ECU will:
• Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) o ENG and ADMIN devices should only be able to communicate with each other and need to be in their own VLAN as indicated above o HR and CORP devices should only be able to communicate with each other and need to be in their own VLAN as indicated above o All devices should have unrestricted outbound connectivity to the Internet • EtherChannel for redundancy • A better approach to interconnecting the Access and Distribution Layer components • Spanning Tree Protocol • Inter-VLAN routing • Dynamic assignment of host IP addresses *How you are going to secure the entire environment from a Layer 2 and Layer 3 perspective
The Evil Corp. Unlimited Cisco install base consists of the following hardware:
• 4 x Cisco 9300 Catalyst 48-port access layer switches that are stackable (Access Layer) • 2 x Cisco C9407R distribution layer switch (Distribution Layer) • 1 x Cisco ASR 1006-X router (connected to their Verizon Business FIOS Internet line – Core Layer) • 15 x Dell desktops o 5 of these desktops are in the HR VLAN (VLAN 10) o 5 of these desktops are in the ENG VLAN (VLAN 20) o 4 of these desktops are in the CORP VLAN (VLAN 30) o 1 of these desktops are in the ADMIN VLAN (VLAN 99)
At a minimum your proposal needs to meet the following criteria:
• A title page • A “running head” • An abstract (150 words or less) • A table of contents • A reference section • Remember to use double-spacing (including references), a 1″ margin on all sides, and the Times New Roman 12-point font • The title page, abstract, references, and all tables and figures/network diagrams should be on their own individual pages and the length of your paper should be between 7-10 pages inclusive of the title page, abstract, references, and all tables. • Carefully write your proposal so paragraphs naturally flow from one to the other • Remember that your paper is being evaluated based on: o How well you use the course literature in designing and carrying out your proposal o The logic, justification for, and structure of your proposal
o How realistic what you propose is (could it actually be implemented) o How creative your solution is given the topology o The likelihood that your proposal would really have an impact/resolve their issues o Ways in which you will insure the proposal will be carried out as planned o Your ability to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposal once implemented o The references — relevance, quality, and appropriate usage; and, o Writing quality and overall presentation o

Attached is both homework assignment info. I also have the course reading material through the website if you need access to it for references.