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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all of our field-trips are cancelled and it will not be possible (most likely) for you to visit a local house of worship before the end of the semester.

So, if you would like to earn extra-credit you can do so by conducting a “virtual” house of worship visit. All houses of worship have had to close due to the coronavirus outbreak. That means that, just like our class, they have had to adjust to the virtual world. So most houses of worship are trying to offer some sense of community, spirituality, and comfort via the internet to their members.

So, what I would like you to do is find the website for a house of worship (it can be local but doesn’t have to be) and write a one-page (250 words) summary of how this house of worship is adjusting to their new online world.

Your summary should include the following:

1. Name of the house worship

2. Religious tradition that it belongs to (you can only do one house of worship per religion)

3. Their website (so I can look at it too!)

4. Description of any messages that they have to their members about the pandemic

5. Do they have any videos for members to watch? What are the videos of (speeches, sermons, rituals, prayers, meditation, sacred text study, etc)? Be sure to watch at least one video offered by the house of worship and describe it to me

6. Does the website let you know if this house of worship is doing anything to help others during this time (delivering food to those at risk, checking on folks who live alone, etc)?

7. Let me know how well you think this house of worship has transitioned online. Do you think they’re doing a good job? Does their website seem professional and easy to navigate? Or does it look like they are struggling with this transition?

You can do a maximum of 3 of these, and each summary will earn you 1% extra-credit added onto your final grade.

You can turn in these extra-credit summaries anytime up to May 24 – the last day of our class.