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Unit 2 – Reflective Writing Assignment

A reflection paper is NOT a research paper. You should use your own ideas to reflect upon the materials from the learning unit. Use the information in the learning unit to do the following:

Write a three page, double spaced essay on the development of the early humanities focusing on the relationship between religion, science, and literature. Begin by explaining ancient Greek views of the gods, including how they influenced culture and how their stories were transmitted. Then identify some of the questions that led the ancients away from these religious stories the philosophical views that emerged from these discussions. Conclude by explaining one topic that we in the 21st century still wrestle with.

Your font must be 12pt; the margins 1 inch; the text left justified; and the heading needs to be double spaced and include your name, the professor’s name, the course name, and the date. You need to have a title that is centered.

The goal of this assignment is to work with the course materials and your own knowledge to create an understanding of the questions/prompt above. Using web or outside sources will result in a grade of 0.