reading response 385 A+ Writers |

Instructions: Pick (1) one of the essays we have read up to this point to engage with. Write a (2) page, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt font Summary Response. You will have four sections (DO NOT USE EXTRA SPACES)

The four sections of your response are as follows:

Summary: Summarize a concept, an idea, an argument, or position that the author puts forth. (This portion should be about 1//2 page long.

Objection: Create your own detailed objection to the author. Maybe you agree with the author but don’t agree with the reasons the author gives, or maybe you disagree completely with the author and have reasons for why you disagree with the author you will detail them out in this section. This should be ½ page to 1 page double spaced.

Authors Reply: Imagine how the author would respond to you based on the essay you have read by them. What would they say to defend their position? (This is about a paragraph to two paragraphs long.

Evaluation: Who is right and why? (This is a couple of sentences long)