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1. Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

One criticism of psychological profiling is the tendency for police to believe the expert, even if the profile is mistaken on key variables, which may divert them from meaningful leads. This was exemplified in the search for the D.C. snipers in 2002. Do you think this is a common danger for profiling? If so, how would you control this risk?

2. Respond to the following in 75 words:

Profiling can be a common mistake because everyone will believe the experts in what they say but it not always true. Profiling does have a goal for law enforcement which is to help catch the offender through evidence. When profiling is being used the personality traits are known and the behavior of the offender as well as the age range of the offender or race based on the behavior. To verify if this is true the witnesses have to step up and tell the police officers whether it is right or wrong to help solve the investigation. First, collecting and examining all the evidence found at the crime scene should be the first step to create a profile and question any witnesses about the offender and what occurred exactly. To understand the offender the investigator should imagine being the offender once he has has collected all the information about the offender of why he committed the crime and how to be able to create a profile of the offender.

3.Respond to the following in 75 words:

Criminal profiling is a scientific strategy to assess and research the area of a bad behavior and infer conduct characteristics of the individual completing the bad behavior. A profile involves a ton of attributes inclined to be shared by evildoers who exhibit bad behavior. Profiling techniques rely upon two assumptions that are as follows: consistency speculation, considering the explanation that a miscreant will show similar conduct all through the entirety of their infringement; and homology doubt, taking into account the explanation that tantamount offense styles must be connected with near blameworthy gathering established characteristics (Warikoo, 2014). Profiling is so far reliant on trained deduces wherein inspectors endeavor to recognize structures by differentiating and recorded advanced bad behaviors that may provoke results that are misguided. Without a suitable use of a scientific approach and observational examination, profilers may arrive at different goals and proposition. Subsequently, a standard framework is required for computerized criminal profiling to be a legitimate and fruitful apparatus for law execution workplaces (Warikoo, 2014).

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