In Book I of Utopia, More outlined several of the predominant problems in European society. In Book II, More designed a place of perfection in Utopia, but he did so addressing many of the problems in 16th century Europe. For example, 16th century European kings were greedy and desired property. In More’s Utopia, private land ownership did not exist.

You have already identified significant problems with the United States today in lesson 6, so basically, you have taken care of your Book I. Your travel brochure will be the equivalent of Book II of Sir Thomas More’s Utopia. You will design a brochure that features your own utopia, but you will create a utopia that addresses the problems that you identified with the United States.

Utopia by Sir Thomas More = Sparknotes Version

In addition to addressing the problems, your brochure should also contain the following information:

  • a name for your utopia that is the title of the brochure
  • sections that are identified with headings, such as geography and history, agriculture, cities, government, occupations, education, war, and religion
  • details written in sentences and paragraphs underneath the headings; these details should fully explain each aspect of your utopia
  • graphics that enhance the color and content of your brochure

Remember the travel brochures you studied earlier in the lesson to get design ideas.

You should design your brochure on standard 8.5 x 11″ paper, and both sides should be used.

You can create your brochure on the computer in a program like Microsoft Word. In fact, you can use this template: for a 2-page, 8.5 x 11″ tri-fold brochure. You can also make your own template in Microsoft Word if you choose. You can also use Microsoft Publisher.

These tools are easy to use, and they will help you to create a very professional-looking brochure.

You may choose to write and/or draw by hand to create your brochure. With this option, you will need to use a scanner (or digital camera) to submit your finished project electronically.