prepare narrative for presentation in slide 8 and 9 1 A+ Writers |

I requires you to prepare two narrative paragraphs for my presentation. One paragraph is for slide 8, and one is for slide 9. Slide 8 is about cost of plan, and slide 9 is about revenue impact. To do it, there are three steps you must follow. First, you need to read all files that I gave you. Second, you write one narrative paragraph for each slide base on the report. Third, the slide in power point must match with the report and narrative paragraph.

Please! edit the slide correctly. The power-point and report must be matched that my professor requires.

On the report, if you see something is wrong, you can fix it.

Again, slide 8 is about a cost plan, and slide 9 is about an estimated income (gross revenue and net income after the expenses deducted)