Select a STAAR tested grade level that you are interested in teaching (Grade Level will be 3rd grade)

  • Find the TEKS on geometry and measurement for that grade level
    • TEKS can be found here
  • Find a released STAAR exam or multiple exams for that grade level and find at least 20 questions on the released exam(s) that cover the TEKS you identified
  • Create an electronic portfolio
  • Identify what level of van Hiele thinking each question is written for and why
  • Identify a Lead4ward strategy that you think would be useful to teach the concept in your classroom
  • Check out this awesome resource

Example is provided in the file. And please use the TEKS website this is the Texas Education website. if you have any questions I am here. I have provided all websites.

20 questions so it will be 20 slides.

Thank you