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American Government by OpenStax (Link to download free textbook)


Read chapter 9-11

Answer the following questions.

Each answer should be about half a page single spaced (which is about 2-3 substantial paragraphs).Each answer should also include citations from the online text. You can cite your quotes as: ” OpenStax section 4.1″

Chapter 12 – The Presidency

1) With so much tension with the Presidency today, it’s fascinating to see what exactly is the role of this executive branch and… what the president can and can not actually do. Discuss the formation of the presidency and also include the powers relegated to this branch.

Chapter 13 – The Federal Courts

2) What is the power of judicial review? And also, from section 13.4, discuss the structure of the Supreme Court.

Chapter 14 – State & Local Government

3) There’s so much to cover here, but give a summary as to the main roles the state government has and also, what powers are given to local governments. Give examples for each.

Chapter 16 & 17 Domestic & Foreign Policy

4) In the Domestic Policy chapter, very broad themes that help us understand the history of the US economic perspective are laissee-faire, Keynesian economics, mandatory spending vs. discretionary spending. Define each of these terms but also discuss and paint a picture of what these terms actually meant for our country.

Last chapter – 17

5) In the Foreign Policy chapter, pick any examples that are interesting to you pertaining to different foreign affairs the US became involved with; or if you prefer a more technical approach, different structures within foreign policy.