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1.) You are interested in asking whether the number of baby seahorses per father seahorse fits a Poisson distribution. State a null hypothesis and the statistical test you would use.

2.) A study commissioned by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife concluded that the number of kelp bass inside the recently established marine reserves was not significantly different from the outside the reserves. In reality, there were twice as many kelp bass inside the reserves. What type of error is this?

3.) Xanthosoma daguense plants produce one inflorescence (flower stalk) at a time. Dynastine beetles act as pollinators. We explored the effects of floral offer and distance among inflorescences on the number of pollinator visits, fruit production, and predispersal seed predation. Number of Dynastine visits per inflorescence tended to increase with increasing distances among inflorescences, but fruit predation increased when inflorescences were more clumped.Based on your answer, what type of data is the response variable?

4.) Formulate a marine biological research question that you could test with one of the statistical tools that we have learned about. (You do not have to answer the question. Just ask a good question whose answer is unknown to you, and might be addressed with statistics.)

the rest of the questions are attached – please ask if you have any questions