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My perspective on people making presentations is that some people are really good communicators and others can improve. The truth is that I was scared to death to give presentations in front of people and admired those who could get up and do them. I feel they are important but until I had anything of value to share, I would avoid them at all costs. For example, taking an F in Geography class in high school. What makes giving presentations enjoyable is when I feel I am adding value to people’s lives. I have delivered safety presentations to many levels in organizations and what I find making presentations enjoyable is when I am adding value to the audience and to the organization. I could improve my skills by preparing and practicing more before delivery.

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Part 1: What is your opinion of this course? Did it meet your expectations? What suggestions can you offer for improvement of this course for future students?

Part 2: If you were the CEO of your own company, what general communication policies would you adopt after taking this course?


Select a product that you like or use. Using this product as a basis, design and write out the steps you would use to create a sales presentation on this product that includes the following components. 1. Write a minimum of two pages based upon steps presented on pages 188–209 in your textbook with specifics related to the product you have selected. Include the elements below in your description. a. Describe the four common delivery methods of communicating ideas. b. Recommend tips for speakers addressing the media. BUS 4040, Communication Skills for Leaders 3
c. Recommend visual and auditory aids. d. Describe the strategies used to enhance the effectiveness of the message. 2. Write a one-page (minimum) business letter (sample on page 219 in your textbook) to your supervisor explaining your campaign. 3. Write a half-page memo (sample page 221 in your textbook) to your coworkers outlining the campaign. 4. Add a one-page summary of what you learned from this writing activity and how it will help you in your future career activities. Include in this section the challenges you faced. Include all of the aforementioned writing pieces in one document, and write a concluding paragraph summing up what you have learned from this writing process. Include any challenges you faced. You may only use your textbook as a resource for this final project. This paper should be a minimum of four pages (not counting the title and reference pages). Use APA style.