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• Movie: Watch a movie that relates to the field of psychology that pertain to adolescents and emerging adults (topics that were covered throughout the semester) and write a paper describing the relation of the movie to the appropriate phenomena in psychology and adolescents. You can pick a movie from the list that I have provided, or you can choose a movie of your choice with my approval. While watching the movie, try to enjoy your experience and see whether you like the topic, the actors or the movie in general. Please give a brief description about the psychological phenomena and state whether you believe that the movie was a good or bad representation of the specific topic. The paper should be 2-3 pages (excluding cover page and reference page), 12 font, double space with 1” margins on each side with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. The paper must be in APA format including cover page and reference page (for this paper you don’t need an abstract page). A list of the movies that you can watch are at the end of this syllabus. You can turn in the assignment via the turnitin link provided on Canvas (check course calendar for due date information).

You can pick any of the movies below:

Mean Girls


To all the boys I’ve loved before


What a girl wants

Easy A

Waiting for Superman

Never been kissed

Won’t back down

10 things I hate about you

To the bone

Romeo & Juliet

Paper towns

The Duff

Kissing booth

A Walk to Remember

The fault in our stars

Perks of being a wallflower

Geek Charming

Confessions of a teenage drama queen

The Edge of 17

Love Simon