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This is a 6-12 page paper on a selected passage from Kant. Below I have attached the requirements, the passage being used, and different steps of the paper that I have written so far. I will also link the sources that I have to use in the paper. Outside sources may be used as well but must be cited.… – source 1

critique of pure reason source 2

Kant on self consciousness – source 3

The passage:

“The I think must be able to accompany all my representations; for otherwise something would be represented in me that could not be thought at all, which is as much as to say that the representation would either be impossible or else at least would be nothing for me. That representation that can be given prior to all thinking is called intuition. Thus all manifold of intuition has a necessary relation to the I think in the same subject in which this manifold is to be encountered. But this represenation is an act of spontaneity, i.e., it cannot be regarded as belonging to sensibility. I call it the pure apperception, in order to distinguish it from the empirical one, or also the original apperception, since it is that self-consciousness which, because it produces the representation I think, which must be able to accompany all others and which in all consciousness is one and the same, cannot be accompanied by any further representation. I also call its unity the transcendental unity of self-consciousness in order to designate the possibility of a priori cognition from it. For the manifold representations that are given in a certain intuition would not all together be my representations if they did not all together belong to a self-consciousness…” (p.246-247/B132).

This is the passage that will be used for the paper. It can be found in the critique of pure reason link.

The Phill 311 final essay link the the guidelines.