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due May 29

Remy Ashe

Persuasive Speech Outline Guidelines – DUE MAY 29TH 2020

Remy Ashe

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Hello everyone!

I would like you all to submit your Persuasive Speech Outline here below. Remember your general purpose here is to persuade your audience. You will aim for a change in behavior, and call for action. The solutions you provide should help the audience take steps so as to change the outcome you are persuading them for. You can also morph your informative speech into a Persuasive Speech as long as you present a problem, state the cause of the problem, and provide a solution (three ways or more) to the problem. The body of the Persuasive speech should contain the specific persuasive structure. Also, be sure to see the handouts which are specific to Persuasive speaking.

Aristotelian Persuasive Outline
I. Introduction.
A. Attention Gainer (Source?)
B. Establish Significance (Source).
C. Thesis. Make sure to clearly state your claim (thesis) and how it is
D. Preview
II. Body
A. Establish ill (2 Sources). Remember you do this both quantitatively and
** What exactly is the problem? Who is it affecting? How many people is it affecting or does
it have the potential to affect? Do you have stories about people that have been hurt of affected
by this problem?
B. Establish Blame (2 Sources). Who or what is responsible for the ill?
**Where is this problem coming from? Are the people in the room causing it? Is it coming
from corporate or government policy?
C. Provide us with a cure. (Solutions steps). (2 Sources). What can we do
about this problem? This is the most important part of your speech! You
must address the inherency established in point B.
** What exactly can
do to solve or prevent this problem?
III. Conclusion
A. Review and restate thesis
B. Tie back into attention gainer and/or leave us something to think about.