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Researchers aim to limit personal biases as much as possible if not completely. This is difficult in any field, perhaps particularly in sociology as the researcher is unable to remove themselves completely from the subject matter: social interaction. Due to this, the researcher must take steps to identify and limit their biases as much as possible. For this assignment, you will watch a video clip on objectivity in research and answer the questions below. The responses should reflect your educated opinion, therefore include references for any sources you use. Include any personal experience you have in regards to the question. You will then choose a sociological theory, Conflict Theory, Functionalist Theory, Interactionist Theory, and address how, by using that theory, you can limit personal bias in your research.

1. Is complete objectivity impossible to achieve? Why? Or why not?

2. How does culture (religion, learned appropriate social responses, etiquette), environment (where you were born, friends, family structure), and personal characteristics (race, gender, socioeconomical status) effect objectivity?

3. Should a researcher strive for complete objectivity? Why? Or why not?

4. How can you limit personal bias using the sociological theory you selected?