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  • Plz ignore “Write 10 Observations, Comments and/or take-aways from
  • Chapter 12 word” I will do it by my self
  • I need outline and presentation
  • Read Chapter 12 Business Presentations
  • • Complete Presentation
  • • Complete Outline that Supports Presentation word.doc
  • 10 Slides
  • • One slide at the end with references –APA format
  • • Outline in word.doc of your presentation
  • ü Social Media in Business Today
  • ü Business Communication Etiquette
  • ü Importance of Presentation Skills
  • ü Best Practices for Giving Professional Presentations
  • ü How Technology Has Changed Communication in the Workplace
  • ü Verbal & Nonverbal Communication
  • ü Listening Skills in Communication
  • ü Resumes and Interviewing Skills
  • and this email from the professor as well
  • I just received a great question concerning your presentation assignment. As you are developing your material, please include 4-6 key points. 6 bullet points would be the maximum per page. Your outline will provide more specific details. Since you aren’t presenting this in class, I’ll be looking for your outline to provide the majority of your information.
  • Your outline will include the main information for your presentation as if you were presenting to the class. Please refer back to the lecture for your topics concerning this assignment.
  • Hint: The title page of your presentation should be one of those topics.


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