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This assignment requires you to think and write about the culture at the organization where you did your recent internship. If you did not work long enough to get a feel for the culture, please h choose any of your past or present employers for this assignment. Finally, if you have never been employed, please discuss the culture at Quality Leadership University, as you have experienced it as a student (not an employee).

I am going to use the university, is based in Panama. QLU

Please answer the following questions.

1.What is the name of the firms where you did your internship? Is this a Panamanian firm, or is the company based in another country?

2.Describe the culture at the organization. Use the description on Slides 4 and 5 of the Chapter 5 lecture to help you with your description.

3.What elements (or values/dimensions/stereotypes, etc.) of the firm’s home country culture seem to have impacted its organizational culture.

4.Describe the organization’s level of diversity, as well as your observations about any advantages or disadvantages that this presented.

Editorial Guidelines (I will be stricter on these requirements than for the first activity):

Single-spaced (no spaces before or after each line)

Number the questions, and double-space between questions

Length: 1 – 1 ¼ pages